Resolution Committee Report

2024 McLeod County Resolutions

                                                                                                                         Accepted for Review

Preserving Our Civil Rights

1   Right to defend my home and property from intruders. 

2   Support truth and reality, nature and biology. We oppose any legislation that requires people to affirm a lie,

    falsehood or psychological delusion, such as adding “gender identity and gender expression“ to the ERA or

    the redefining of “sex” in title IX to include gender identity.”

Protect Our Health Care

1   Be it resolved to support policies that protect children from chemical interference with puberty and/or

    surgical mutilation of their bodies. Repeal (HF 146) because “gender affirming care” is profoundly damaging

    to minors.

2 Be it resolved that parents have unrestricted rights to approve or disapprove sexual transitions of minors.

3 Oppose public funding for the implementation of “cultured” lab created food that would be distributed by

  any state funding to vulnerable (hospitals, nursing homes, daycare, schools) audiences that are unable to

  choose an alternative. 

Educate Our Children

1 Encourage teachers to identify their religious bias. Allow a portion of education taxes to go to a preferred

  religious fund. Aportion (50%?) of teacher salary paid from religious fund. Religious funds could also support

  private religious schools, teachers.

2 We oppose “gender affirming care” on minors. 

3 We oppose the teaching of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) in our public schools. We believe an

    individual should be rewarded for his/her success based on character and work ethic vs. external physical


4 Under traditional American values and due to an unfair strength advantage and the danger to women/girls,

  we oppose the participation of biological males in women’s sports. 

5 We stand against changes to Title IX, which includes biological males to compete against biological women,

  and use all women’s facilities. This will destroy women’s sports. Also endangering girls/women in their

  bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers from biological males using the same facilities.

Protect Public Safety

1 We support legislation to prohibit minors under the age of 21 from receiving physical and/or chemical

  alteration of their biological sex. We oppose government funding for their procedures for any age.

Strengthen the Rule of Law

1   Be it resolved that elected officials be held to the same standard as any other person when they have

    committed a felony whether in office or out of office. 

Make Government Smaller and Better

1 Term limits shall be imposed to the state and US house of representatives, to a total of 4 terms or 8 years.

  Term limits shall be imposed to the state and US senate to a total of 2 terms, 8 years as a state senator and

  12 years as a US senator. 

2 Go to paper ballot-get rid of machine voting. 

3 Any government surplus must be returned to the taxpayers. Those that didn’t pay taxes will not be included

  in the surplus refund. 

4 Change Minnesota’s selection of presidential primary candidates back to a caucus, the same way we select

  our governor candidates. The caucus voters-not the Mn Secretary of State-should choose our presidential

  candidates at the Republican National Convention. This is also a reduction in cost to the Minnesota

  taxpayers from the current presidential primary system. 

Defend America at Home and Abroad

1 Be it resolved that we prohibit foreign entities from owning property and/or any resources on American soil

  that have been determined to have hostile intent by the US Government. 

2 Under “support international relations-We believe foreign aid…” add WHO (world health organization) and

  World Economic Forum to the list of organizations. 


                2024 McLeod County Resolutions

                                                                    Legislative Issue, Not Platform

Preserving Our Civil Rights

1 We affirm policies limiting governor’s emergency powers. 

2 We affirm “stand your ground” policies. 

Protect Our Health Care

1 Be it resolved that we support steps to prevent elected officials from profiting monetarily when they promote

  or pass laws promoting and protecting pharmaceutical drugs, OTC drugs, supplements marijuana, or the


Make Government Smaller and Better

1 Keep MN state flag as is. 

2 Support the Never Again Bill (HF 4257) and (SF 4246) to ensure that the Minnesota state governor does not

  have the power to impose unconstitutional lockdowns, masks and mandating medical interventions for the

  state workers.


1 That the state GOP pursue one day voting.

2 The republican party platform’s length is to be reduced from 11 pages to no more than 6 pages… and crafted

    to clearly contrast republican and DFL positions.

3 Prohibit vaccine mandates in Minnesota. 

4 To pass the “Never Again” bill.

2024 McLeod County Resolutions

                                                                        Already in Platform

Preserving Our Civil Rights

1 Support the constitutional rights of a church to preach and teach messages that are consistent with their

    religiously held beliefs and to never be required or coerced to preach or teach messages that contradict their

    religiously held convictions. 

Protect our Health Care

1 Oppose the legalization of physician assisted death in any form: baby who survives abortion, the act of

  abortion, suicide due to terminal illness, suicide due to mental anguish, etc. Rather we want to support

  health care solutions that prioritize real care and promote life. 

Educate Our Children

1 Support only developmentally appropriate materials for minors in public schools and libraries. Prohibit

  children being exposed to drag queen story hour, sexually explicit or graphic materials, whether printed or

  on computers. 

2 Be it resolved that the republican party of Mn fully supports the right of parents and guardians to

  homeschool their children in a manner that upholds their constitutional rights and remains free from

  discriminatory regulation or attempts to impose public school regulations or standards upon them.

3 Be it resolved that the republican party of Mn supports the freedom of private, parochial, religious, and home

  schools’ to remain separate from public and charter schools curriculum and requirements in educating the

  students entrusted to them. 

4 Be it resolved that parents need to approve books available for students to check out in the public school.

5 We oppose Minnesota becoming a sanctuary state. 

Make Government Smaller and Better

1 Require voter ID 

2 Change the awarding of Minnesota's electoral votes from statewide winner-take-all to awarding by each of

    Minnesota’s congressional districts. This is more representative of constituents voting and is likely to

    increase Minnesota’s importance in the selection of presidential candidates. 

3 That elections be locally controlled with no NGO interference and no electoral voting. 

Defend America at Home and Abroad

1 Immediately repeal any bill directing tax dollars to help illegal immigrants, such as driver’s licenses for all,

    the extension of MN Care for illegal immigrants, free college, etc.

2 Be it resolved that we firmly oppose handing over USA federal or state sovereignty to any international

  organization, such as the WHO or UN. 

3 Be it resolved that the republican party of Minnesota will work to prevent Minnesota from becoming a

  sanctuary state for illegal immigrants and will support legislation to secure United States borders.


2024 McLeod County Resolutions

                                                                              Constitution Issue

1 For the state to not force residents to accept illegals in their homes.

  2024 McLeod County Resolutions

                                                                              Candidate Support

1 We support Re-election of Dawn Gillman and Michelle Fischbach

2 Resolution for continued support of Michelle Fischbach for congress and Dawn Gillman for Minnesota