Republican Party of McLeod County

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To promote the principles and values in the Republican party platform which include lower taxes, free markets, and constitutional government, by means of educational and political activity

Welcome to the Republican Party of McLeod County. In addition to informing the general public and constituency of news, events, and happenings as it pertains to the Republican Party of McLeod County, this site is also intended to be a source of information for those currently involved with the Republican Party.

For those that are new here, we hope you will be able to get your questions answered, as we have a lot of valuable information here with you in mind, and hope it provides you a great starting point. Please know that we always welcome your involvement in the party as there are multiple opportunities to support your local Republican Party of McLeod County.


The McLeod County Republicans are people who love our country, desire to have a limited government as it was designed by the Constitution, and seek to minimize taxation so that businesses and individuals have the ability to create jobs and better our economy.


We are Americans and ordinary Minnesotans just like you who care about the direction of Minnesota and America as a whole. We work to promote the conservative principles that made our state and country great.


Get involved with your local party unit and let your opinion be known. If you would like to be more involved in the McLeod County BPOU events contact William Aegerter, Chair of the McLeod County Republicans.

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